Sourcing of land

We are looking for unused or abandoned land, land in abandoned agricultural, wasteland, or industrial, sometimes polluted.


  • We meet owners who have unused, damaged land and who would like to plant. They do not necessarily have the means and are therefore interested in a partnership with a company to plant thousands of trees.

  • We develop contacts with local communities which have land in or near urban areas. Again, we encourage partnerships with one or more companies, local for example to orchestrate the financing of plantations with TreesEverywhere.

  • We have identified companies that have planting needs, either on their own land on their sites or in the context of specific projects where the planting of trees is a particular request in the context of the assignment of their mandate.

The physical characteristics of the land sought
  • These are fields of at least 1 ha and generally 15 ha at most.

  • These lands have not been afforested in the last 10 years, unless they have been victims of a random event: fire, storm, disease that felled the trees or made felling compulsory.

  • These lands have no or no more agricultural use.


Our forestry partners

We have selected a trusted, national forest network with forest experts for soil analysis and determination of native species.

Each project is unique, in its field characteristics.

The owners' commitments

  • Tripartite contract with TreesEverywhere and the funding company for 30 years and more

  • Obligation not to use the planted forest for 30 years

  • Plantation maintenance for the first 3 years

  • Insurance against the main risks (storm, fire and sickness)

  • Communication authorization on the plantation

  • Agreement that TreesEverywhere audit the plantation each year