Preparation and planting

We work upstream with our forestry experts on the assessment of the condition of the soil in order to set up an adapted planting plan and prepare the ground if it is either too damaged, stony or in mountainous areas.
Based on this assessment, a planting plan is proposed to determine the additional planting costs.
Elements to consider:
  • the quality of the terrain
  • its accessibility
  • the need for protection against deer
Plants are ordered 2 months before the start of planting.

Planting: manual labor


Planting is manual labor, with little or no machinery.


For one hectare we will count 25 to 30,000 plants.

It will take 8 to 12 days of work for a team of 10 planters, men or women.

For 1 million trees, or 30 to 40 ha, 6 teams of 10 planters will be needed for almost 3 months.


With local subcontractors:

The production of plants for TreesEverywhere is provided by our network of nurserymen, selected for their ability to produce the quality of plants requested.


We use local offices of forest engineers and technicians, and local forestry companies. Our objective is also to find agreements with associations of employment of labor force in social difficulty or in situation of handicap, in order to create a beneficial social impact around our plantations.

The possible involvement of companies:


We offer our corporate customers “Bêches & Bottes” weekends for their employees in a unifying approach.

Similar operations can be organized around the stakeholders.

We work with 3 CSR communication agencies, of different sizes and positions, to support our clients in promoting TreesEverywhere projects.