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POC Boursay 1 (Loir et Cher) labeled

Biodiversity for All

In November 2019, on a 1000 m2 plot, we planted 3000 seedlings according to the principles of high diversity and high local variety of the Miyawaki method.

Variety selection was made with the Maison Botanique de Boursay, looking for local plants to adapt to current and future climate change. Thus, a species like the Pedunculate Oak has been replaced by the Sessile Oak which is a species that will be able to withstand a drier and hotter climate better.

The quality of the land is good, the plot, surrounded by hedges, already has some spontaneous trees (oaks, willows, birches)

The plants were ordered from the local nurseryman.

Trees-Everywhere received the Biodiversity for All label in October 2020 for this first site.

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The planting of 3000 plants was carried out in a non-linear manner by mixing the varieties and required 3 days for 3 planters.


It was planned to mulch from March 2020 to limit

the growth of herbs and maintain humidity and freshness at the foot

of each plant.

Local teams have been affected by COVID19 and the period

of containment in Marseille, where our headquarters is,

did not allow mulching as expected.


As a result, a hot and dry spring after a very wet winter led to an extreme growth of hay completely covering the plants and competing with them on the water resource which had become scarce.


Summer 2020:

The extreme drought in July and the heat peaks in early August caused

weakened the plantations. The plants closest to the hedges and

the shading of existing trees suffered less. It was decided a

intense watering which allowed most plants to resume

quickly. We will only be able to measure the real loss in the spring of 2021.


On the other hand, the new ecosystem created has already welcomed new

local species such as plum, black thorn or black poplar,

whose seeds come in particular from bird droppings.

Trees do not move with their paws but through the wings of birds :-)

Video in French.