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Mulhouse Diagonals

Promenade de la Doller

The project

Mulhouse is the first city

signatory of the national initiative

"1 billion trees with

communes of France ”launched

end of 2020 by Trees-Everywhere,

in order to mobilize the whole country in the fight against climate change.



We are planting 8000m2 of land backing onto the A36, in Miyawaki-type forest, as part of the vast local plan to re-naturalize the city of Mulhouse.

The vocation of the place is to be a walking area. There is also a dense vegetal barrier area nearly 5m thick in order in particular to contribute within 5 years to reducing noise and pollution from the motorway, just behind the mound.

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Key figures:


  • Dense Miyawaki-type plantation over 8,000 m², with 3 trees per m²

  • i.e. nearly 25,000 trees of around 40 local species (list)

  • Overall cost of the operation: € 200,000 including tax

  • Area of ​​the renaturation of the Doller promenade (Mulhouse Diagonales project): 10 ha

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Financement :

This project is part of a public-private partnership since all the financing is provided by local companies in their CSR budget, either directly or in the form of donation with the SIM (Société Industrielle de Mulhouse).
Trees-Everywhere has the opportunity to bring together a dozen prestigious local representative companies which allow the realization of this first flagship project in Mulhouse.

Testimonials :

Christian Lehr, President of the Viasphère Group, is the initiator of this project:

"We are committed alongside the city of Mulhouse and Trees-Everywhere to act on two fundamental issues: global warming and the loss of biodiversity. In addition, this local project to plant nearly 25,000 trees reflects this of the historic innovative strength of the City, despite a difficult economic context for our companies ".

City Press Release.