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POC Boursay 2 (Loir et Cher)

experimental plantation

In December 2020, on a plot of 800 m2, we planted 2,400 seedlings according to the principles of high diversity and high local variety of the Miyawaki method.

On this adjoining plot of Boursay 1, our objective is to test different mulching options (BRF, straw and cardboard. This time, we have selected more than 40 local species of trees and shrubs. The objective is to test survival, growth and the interaction of these trees in the long term.

We are thus preparing our first projects for early 2021.

The quality of the soil was not as good, the humus shallower and despite the 25 cm plowing, planting was more difficult.

The plants were ordered from the local nurserymen Bauchery and Arbres et Jardins in Souday.

Trees-Everywhere has thus created the largest Myawaki plantation in France on 1800m2.



The planting of 2400 plants was carried out in a non-linear fashion by mixing the varieties and required 4 days for 6 planters.

The local teams from ESAT Mondoubleau intervened, this association employs disabled people. They carried out the planting and mulching stages successfully.  Some collaborators, associates and friends joined us on December 12 to plant 900 plants.

This allowed us to celebrate the 5 years of the COP21 Paris Agreement by taking concrete action.

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