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1 billion trees initiative with

the Communes of France

At the end of 2020, Trees-Everywhere launched the initiative :
“1 billion trees with the municipalities of France”.

1 billion is an ambitious figure that would make it possible to see real carbon sinks, local relays of biodiversity and refreshment, flourish everywhere in France.

1 billion is an ambitious, striking, achievable figure, which is part of a bubbling movement that Trees-Everywhere aims to structure and amplify.
1 billion is the result of a simple calculation:
30,000 trees x 35,000 municipalities in France
= 1 billion trees!
"If we plant these trees (1000 billion) today, the level of CO2 in the atmosphere could be reduced by 25%", indicates Jean-François Bastin in his Science article July 2019.
What a challenge!
It is this intention that drives us.


Faced with the climate challenge, we, the founders of Trees-Everywhere, have decided to launch a major initiative at the level of our municipalities.

A massive stake:

We know that the acceleration of global warming is becoming a survival issue for all of us, our children and grandchildren.

Fires, droughts, landslides, floods are no longer exceptions.

So what to do?

Creating resilient forest ecosystems is one of the actions that we can take, as a natural solution.

Alongside multiple calls at the political and associative level, announcements of reforestation plans for large cities, we are proposing this initiative which may seem utopian, disproportionate.

We Trees-Everywhere, we set out in motion to allow the multiplication of plantations with optimal characteristics in terms of carbon capture and biodiversity.


Entire Manifesto (in French).