Who are we?
At the end of 2019, two entrepreneurs in the financial sector, decided to combine their skills to launch TreesEverywhere.
We are a new company in the environmental field.


TreesEverywhere offers companies turnkey solutions for massive carbon capture through dense and sustainable reforestation projects.

Our raison d'être is to act for the environment by proposing virtuous projects of massive and diversified reforestation to Corporates, initially only in France.

The company is in line with two of the sustainable development objectives ODD as defined by the UN since 2015: objective 13 - relating to the fight against climate change and 15 - life on earth.

TreesEverywhere's ambition is to allow funding to plant 100M trees per year over a 5-year horizon.
TreesEverywhere takes the Myawaki approach.


Post Covid19, their objective is to participate in the construction of a new world to act for the climate.

Sophie Grenier

CEO - Business Development Department

Olivier de Montety

COO - Operations, IT and R&D Department

Agathe Lehr-Coquet

Project management


Business Development



Local authorities & SMEs relationship

Hauts de France

Sylvie le Guével

Local authorities and SMEs relationship

Loire Valley - Burgundy


Digital Marketing

Avisory Board:

Composed of 6 personalities from the investment and business world, its role is to support the founders in their governance.


Rafaella Scheer

Strategic Senior Consultant International Development

at Dalberg


Richard strul

Founder of RESONEO

Strategic e-business advice


Gilles Brechet

Consulting in business transformation

Equity investments for own account


Inès de Dinechin

Ex CEO Aviva Investors

Pdt Commission Financial Education AFG

Elected "European sustainable CEO of the year 2019"


Jean-Emmanuel Vernay

Founder of All Invest Group, Invest Securities,
Pre-IPO, Corporate Finance


Sandrine Martin

Executive Director

by Botanica

The genesis: first POC November 2019

Summer 2019,

Olivier de Montety, struck by the increase in extreme temperature and climate change in his region of Perche, finds two scientific sources that literally put him into action:

- The ETH University of Zurich has shown that it is possible to plant 1000 billion trees and that this would significantly reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

- The method of reforestation by plantation with high density and high diversity, developed in Japan for 50 years, by Professor Miyawaki.

From there he decides:

be adapted to future climate change in this region

  • ordered from the local nurseryman


Planting begins on November 25 "At Sainte Catherine, all wood takes root", in 3 days, with two planters. List of species planted.


This first experience allows him to develop an operational protocol for large-scale projects.

Business model:

We are a design office that carries out projects and our fees are proportional to the overall amount of the site and the certifications obtained and transferred to the client.

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